Unifyer Announces Partnership with the Best-selling Liquid DVD Curriculum for Small Groups

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TXIn the short time since its launch last year,†Unifyer has ignited the communities of†churches and universities across the country.Unifyer, a powerful new web-based application, is pleased to announce a new two-year agreement with Liquid, a DVD-based experience designed specifically for small group ministries.††

Under the new agreement, Unifyer will be the official communication and community tool, networking over 1,000 small group leaders who are using Liquid in their churches small group ministries.Each Liquid series features five 10-minute episodes that mirror ancient biblical stories with emotionally provoking videos, introspective questions, and tips for leading a small group.Liquid was launched from the Mariners Church in Irvine, California, and is one of the best-selling products distributed by Thomas Nelson.

Lance Bauslaugh, director of marketing for Unifyer, was first introduced to the Liquid DVD curriculum by the discipleship minister at his church.Having led small groups for several years, Bauslaugh was immediately impressed by the concept and the quality of Liquid.†

Ive never seen a DVD curriculum produced this well, Bauslaugh states.Usually, theres just a pastor talking into the camera.With Liquid, instead of hearing a story being told by a preacher, youre actually watching a Hollywood-quality short story.Its like going to a great movie.You want to talk about it, and the conversation is even better with people who saw the movie with youthe people in your small group.This is unlike anything else out there.

Unifyer enables communication and community for a church or organization by bringing all the best features of Web 2.0 (i.e., RSS news feeds, social networking) under one brand.Unifyer is the ideal application for any organization interested in providing a place for their members to talk with one another and connect based on individual interests.The organization benefits from their member to member conversations that take place within the online community.

Jeff Pries, CEO of Liquid, was first attracted to Unifyer because of its ease of use.We are very pleased to be partnering with Unifyer and excited by the prospect of having a single, simple solution to the big problem of†how we communicate our news, events, and available resources, Pries states.Unifyers click-and-drag system makes it easy to communicate with our online community as we post updates or new information.Additionally, it provides a safe place for people to connect and share life online, allowing Liquid to be a company that is about dialogues, instead of just monologues.

Pries believes the application provides a realistic opportunity to add significant value to those who look to Liquid as a source for small group materials and additional resources.This allows us not only to provide cutting-edge curriculum but also, through Unifyer, to supply additional materials that our clients can download and tailor to their specific needs, Pries adds.

Bauslaugh believes that Unifyer will not only build up the individual leaders and the Liquid brand, but it will also serve an even higher purpose.When you empower communication, you empower discoverywhich leads to action.What one guy is doing can benefit the other one, he says.At the end of the day, when small group leaders visit the site, its about so much more than the product.Its about growing the Kingdom.

The new site is scheduled to launch Mid February 2009.

New Feature Release

We have added a couple features that enhance the member to member connection. †We have added a “private message” feature to the user profile. †You can see in the screen shots below that you now have the ability to make your message private when commenting on a friend’s profile page. †

†† † † † † †

We have also removed the little envelope next to your name in the upper right hand corner of the application. †We have replaced the envelope with a big button that says “inbox.” †You will notice below that we have added a red dot with a white number that tells you at first glance how many updates you have received since the last time you logged in.

We have also added a spot for administrators to see the last log in date for each user.

Life Changing Community

I am really excited to share the story of Montrose Church. †Life Changing Community is a brief story of how the staff at Montrose Church chose to utilize Unifyer to help build community through decentralizing communication and allowing member to member conversations.

Watch their story here.

Knowing the Truth Radio Interview

Knowing The Truth with Pastor Kevin Boling is a live, call-in radio program providing Doctrinal Dialog, Cultural Commentary and Insightful Interviews with some of todays foremost Christian authors and leaders. †

Today Pastor Kevin Boling interviewed Matt Frazier. †Unifyer’s CEO and Founder.†Pastor Kevin Boling and Matt talked about building community. †Community and Communication – there is a reason why these words are so similar. Communities thrive on relevant and timely communication: without it, they fail.

Listen to the interview in its length at the link below.


2009 Social Media Predictions

I was reading Scott Monty’s blog†tonight and was fascinated by a document he posted regarding Social Media Predictions for 2009. †This document was assembled by Peter Kim.†

A couple of comments stood out to me right away.†

“Dwindling budgets suddenly make low-cost social media look like the pretty girl at the ball.” †- Ann Handley

As we talk to churches who are interested in Unifyer, many have shared that they are getting rid of their weekly bulletins and newsletters. †With so many churches cutting budgets, it only makes sense to move their communications & announcements online. †But not just online, online in a way that makes their content easily consumable by every member. †Not only are they saving money, but they are freeing up valuable time for staff and volunteers to focus their efforts back into ministry.

“Intimacy touches emotion; emotion powers conversation.” – Pete Blackshaw

Wow, I love this quote. †So many churches are unlocking the power of collaboration and connection by allowing their people to connect deeper through communication that has no limits. †I have heard it said to me several times this week already. †Online relationships are Real relationships. †In addition to allowing their members to talk amongst themselves, the church leaders are now listening! †That is Powerful!

This is the whole document. †What do you think? †What would you add? †Are there some 2009 social media predictions for the church?

Social Media 2009

Publish at Scribd or explore others: Management Business social media 2009

Interview with Tony Steward

Tony Steward is the Online Community Pastor at LifeChurch.tv.††Matt Frazier had a chance to sit down with him. †Below is the entire conversation. †Enjoy!

Tony Steward – Web 2.0 (1 of 3) from Unifyer.com on Vimeo.

Tony Steward – Web 2.0 (2 of 3) from Unifyer.com on Vimeo.

Tony Steward – Web 2.0 (3 of 3) from Unifyer.com on Vimeo.

The Fall Has Been Busy

WOW….It has been way too long since we made our last post. †

A quick summary of what has happened this fall for Unifyer. †Many, Many good things! †We attended several conferences.

Michael Baker & Kirk Bargenquest at the Group Life Conference
In addition to being in attendence at all of these conferences, we were able to meet so many new friends. †I am hoping that in the next few posts you will get to meet some of them too!

Super Widget of the Week

This week’s SW comes from Christ Community Baptist Church in Puyallup, WA. †They have roughly 60% of their 13 yr and older crowd using Unifyer. †While they have only be a client for the last 3 months, they have shown what the power of regularly added content can do for the their community. †Below is a SW they used for the last two weeks to promote See You at the Pole for their Junior and High school students.

SEE YOU at the POLE.

Junior and High School Students. †Join your generation Wednesday, September 24, at 7am.†Gather at your school’s flagpole. †PRAY for your school, friends, families, and world. CONNECT. †Listen as He speaks to you.

Super Widget of the Week

This week’s SW comes from Montrose Church in Montrose, CA! †They have been using Unifyer for a couple weeks with their leadership team. †They are going live to the whole church this weekend with their Life Group launch! †We are really excited for them!!! †Below is the SW image they are using.

Find a safe place to share the journey with others by checking out a LifeGroup – a small group where you can connect and develop meaningful relationships. †You can choose to go deeper with a study group, support group, or a “do-life-together” group.

Click on the Groups in the Unifyer menu and start browsing through the many LifeGroups offered at Montrose Church. †If you want to know more about finding the right LifeGroup for you, contact our LifeGroup coordinator (and they leave the email address here).

Relational Collateral

I had the privilege of attending the Innovate ’08 Conference last week. †One of the breakout sessions was lead by Kem Meyer, who is the Communications Director at Granger Community Church. †

She talked about†Social Networks in Ministry -†How do you use stuff like blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more to have an impact and help people connect?

A couple things really stood out to me. †She mentioned that text messaging and email have helped build relational collateral with a greater number of people that otherwise would not have any interaction. †This has helped the relationships at the church staff level, and at the “hey, whats up” level (my words, not hers). †This is specifically true through text messaging and forms of micro blogging, like Twitter.

How many times do you find yourself walking through the office or church hallways and see someone and automatically say, “hey, whats up?” or “how are you doing?” †Response from the other person, “not much” or “great/fine.” †This does not happen anymore when you are interacting in a social network. †Now when you see that person in the hallway who has just changed their status to “my mom is in the hospital, please pray.” †More than likely, you will not be saying, “how’s it going?” †You now have the chance to have a much more meaningful exchange. †This is really exciting to me and have already been witness to this type of exchange several times!

The other thing Kem mentioned that I really took away from the session was the access to leaders and increase knowledge that takes place among community members. †It really is amazing to me to see how many leaders want to see others benefit from their knowledge. †I think everyone who is passionate about a particular subject really does want to see others experience the same passion. †And more importantly that leader wants to come along side others with common passion so they can collaborate and work together. †This can be a very powerful thing. †It is that ability for collabroation and communication that excites so many church leaders about Unifyer.